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     This listing is for one 3 ounce bag of Original Beef Jerky made by the Jerky Workshop. This is the original flavor that started everything for the Jerky Workshop. We sometimes refer to it as the "OG". The bold and savory marinade in all of our recipes stands out especially in this beef jerky. Try it. You won't be disappointed. You'll come back for more. 


     The Jerky Workshop focuses on the production of old-fashioned beef jerky. Old-fashioned beef jerky tends to have a dryer consistency, but is very tender and easy to pull apart. We've spent a lot of years perfecting the marinades in the recipes that we use. These marinades infuse the meat with everything from sweet to savory flavors, or both! There's no nitrates, no nitrites, or MSG in any of our beef jerky. The natural salt from the seasonings and the marinades allow our products to last for a long time whether you want to eat it now, or save it for your next camping trip or hike. We're pretty sure you're going to eat it now, though!

Original Beef Jerky (3oz Bag)

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